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The making of ‘0200’

June 24, 2009

A little about 0200.


Sekhar had a meeting with us before the workshop with Vaibhav Kumaresh and informed us that the main theme of the stop motion project should be locomotion. Hence we had to construct a story on these lines.

Our first idea was of a fat lady trying to climb a staircase. Later we thought what if the world was a triangle instead of a circle? What if the fat lady had to continuously climb up a triangular world? One side a staircase, the other a ladder and the third being a slope. Three different levels of exercise for our lady.

Later on we froze the concept and added two new characters i.e. a dad and a baby…..thus making the lady a mum. The mum being the one who does all the talking at home and the dad is a man of one word “hmmmmm”. The baby would cry when the triangle wouldn’t rock and the parents are faced with the challenge of putting the baby to sleep as well as maintain the balance of their unusual triangular world.


We decided to use primary colours for the characters and colourful backgrounds as we thought that it would appeal to children.  Hence the play with geometric shapes as well.

The moon would always be a circle no matter how the camera is turned.

We made a demo on flash so that we knew where exactly each character would be at a given point of time in order for the triangle to maintain its balance.  This helped us in constructing the storyboard.

We decided to incorporate flat paper pop outs in the 3D stop motion.  Hence we had tables, chairs, stairs and beds opening up from the walls.


Character Design

For the character design we decided that the parents would be the complete opposites of each other e.g. If the mum is talkative, the dad would be silent and so on.

We were actually looking forward to animating human beings because that it what Vaibhav is best at.  We did two tryouts, one with a human clay model character and the other with a triangular pillow.  We showed both the samples to Vaibhav and he told us that it would be best to use the triangles as characters as it works best for the film.

Next, we kept folding triangle paper cut outs inorder to figure out different ways to make them walk as we wanted a unique walk cycle for both, the mum and dad.

The characters were made of aluminum wires, foam and cloth.  All the materials were bought from the budget allotted to us by the department.  Any expenses beyond the budget would have to be borne by us.  We had only one set of clothes for each character with zips attached to them.  The aluminum armature would get damaged over time due to the folds and so we made many of them as standby.



The funny part was that during the pre-production of this film we were still working on Chai Break (sand animation).  As soon as it got over we jumped into production of 0200.

The working title for the film was “Home Sweet Home”.  Later we changed it to 0200 which denotes odd hours.

We were working in shifts i.e. Dawameren, Debjani and myself were working from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Dorian and Utsav from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m.  This is how we managed to finish in a miraculous ten days.  During the intervals we would exchange thoughts of what was done and what needed to be done.

Post Production

Post production was extremely difficult as the set was so simple.  Any pin, string or double sided tape could visible clearly if not cleaned up.  We used Adobe After Effects for cleaning up which took us two long months of extremely hard mechanical work.  The editing was done on Adobe Premiere.


The mother’s and baby’s voice was done by Shubangi, our senior.  The guitar solo was done by Mattia,( Dorians roommate) an exchange student from Italy.

For the rest of the sound effects we gathered many objects and were using them in different ways inorder to generate as many different usable sounds as possible.


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