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Golden Cursor Awards.

May 15, 2009

Just another awards ceremony or so it seems for Delwyn, for me however it was a first.  Most animation award ceremonies in India seem to be over indulgent and always seeking global approval over what is done in India.

I however think that Indian animation lacks an identity.  A vast majority of animation done in India is mostly outsourced work.  While Indian studios rave about their work and accomplishments, to me they just do what most big studios feel is beneath them to do.  That does not take anything away from the minorities who are trying to change that. There are two sets of animators,  some who understand India’s role in animation and are working to build its creditability while  others who believe in the “business” of animation or rather “mass production of labour” hence most studios and animation training centers that have been set up in the past decade, mostly work to serve the second group of people.

The award ceremony was great and lavish.  I enjoyed being there, Del enjoyed the food and the fact that Sekhar Mukherjee his mentor at NID was recognized for his accomplishments on the academic front in the animation industry.

golden cursor delwyn

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