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141 Wallstreet (Bates)

May 14, 2009

Western Union Case study.

I joined 141 Wallstreet, an out of home Advertising and Communication design agency.  141 Wallstreet is a subdivision of ‘Bates’ famous for their Virgin mobile account.  The purpose of my visit was to understand how an ad agency works and functions.  I was introduced to the department which consisted of media planners, business managers and the creative team.  It was great to see NID alumni heading the creative team.

The project we got to work on was Western Union.  Western Union known for its domination in the money transfer market was looking to capitalize on the amount of people visiting post offices for money transfer.   According to them 70% of their clients were from rural areas and they felt it was more convenient for them to use the post offices which most weren’t using.  Our job was to create some outdoor communication media that would communicate with them and increase the amount of visits to post offices.

My stay at Bates was cut short due to some other work that popped up at the wrong time but I did get to witness first hand how things are done in an advertising agency.

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