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March 20, 2009

Seeing Lisbon, I felt as if Iv seen this place before. Unbelievable similarities between Lisbon and Hayao Miyazaki’s Kiki’s Delivery Service. That is my all time favorite movie and its ironical that out of all the places in the world, I ended up in Lisbon. That’s waht made the trip even more special.

In the mornings I would roam the streets without knowing where I would end up. I found the ocean, the unique trams on the streets and a castle with a breathtaking view of the entire city. In the evenings I would attend the festival where I saw some pretty amazing films. It was an overdose of inspiring films.

I was a bit worried coz I had no plans onthe last day, but I met some friends who took me to the outskirts of the city for lunch, right next to a beach with icy cool blue water. While heading back we boarded the train which ran parallel to the sea and was the most beatutiful train journey Iv ever been a part of.

As I returned late evening to attend the festival, I remember telling my friend Nancy “the icing on the cake had already happend” considering my excitment from the beach. Later that evening when I realised that “0200” was unanimously declared the winner at the festival. I told Nancy “this is the cherry on top of the icing on the cake”.

Whether you think its possible or not I lived 8 days  in my 4 day stay at Lisbon. When I returned I slept for 2 days…..hahahahha.      – Delwyn.

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